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Have been slain

2011-10-20 22:36:07 by NewgroundsNation

Well, I had carried with me a chip on my shoulder, and a cunning but boastful demeanor, but still have been overtaken. My slayer has siphoned my energy from me, the very essences that makes me.. me.

It's a sad day but it i guess it happens to everyone who is successful. people become spiteful, and seek to take revenge and want to take us down a notch.. so is the cycle of elites in society.

sorry it had to be this way, friends. i did not want to get murdered either.



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2011-10-25 13:34:35

Sam B got the thing that%uFEFF go bump in the night
Who do you voodoo, Bitch?


2012-02-05 03:23:33

Your luck has been wished.